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Fish swimming in public swimming pool

July 25, 2021 Comments Off on Fish swimming in public swimming pool By admin

The first public swimming spot in Mumbai’s south is under construction.

The pool, a 10-metre deep indoor waterway, is a major attraction for Mumbai’s locals, who have flocked to the city’s riverside parks, swimming spots and pools for the past three decades.

“It is a new waterway in Mumbai.

People can go to the pools for exercise and relaxation,” said Pravin Rana, head of the waterworks department.

The new pool, called Fish swimming, will be built near the city, a project that will take up to two years to complete.

“We have started working on the project with the cooperation of the city authorities.

The project is a public waterway for the entire city.

This will help us to promote Mumbai’s water safety and ensure public safety,” Rana said.

The city has invested more than Rs 50 crore in the project, including Rs 40 crore from the city.

“The pool will have a capacity of 10 people per day.

It will be able to accommodate around 30,000 people,” Rane said.

There will be two entrances and one exit.

The swimming pool will be connected to the public water supply through two water pipes.

“When you are at the water pool, you will get to see the dolphins, seals and other animals,” Raveesh, a resident of the neighbourhood said.

“If there is no water, it will be very noisy,” he added.

Mumbai’s municipal water supply system is not designed for public swimming.

It is designed for private pools and swimming pools, Rana added.

The waterworks team has been conducting field tests of the new pool and the work has been completed.

The team is working on securing the contract with a local company for the pool.

“Once the project is completed, we will build the facility.

We are ready to get the water flowing,” Radeesh said.

A major issue for Mumbai residents, according to Rane, is that of polluted drinking water.

“There are many problems with drinking water, such as stagnant water, lack of filter, lack or lack of chlorine, and lack of proper filtration,” he said.

Mumbai has the highest rate of indoor air pollution in the country, with an average annual rate of more than 7,000 micrograms per cubic metre, according the World Health Organisation.

The number of people who are living in polluted air-conditioned apartments is around 200,000.

Mumbai is one of the cities with the highest incidence of PM2.5, particles with a diameter of 5 microns or less, in the atmosphere.

It was estimated that around 100,000 PM2 and PM10 particles were killed annually in Mumbai in 2015.

“Mumbai has a huge problem of pollution.

We need to ensure that we protect our residents from the pollutants and reduce their exposure,” Rone said.

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