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Why is Australia planning to make outdoor swimming pools the new norm?

September 16, 2021 Comments Off on Why is Australia planning to make outdoor swimming pools the new norm? By admin

With the global warming debate rumbling on, Australia’s leaders are scrambling to make the nation’s public spaces a haven for outdoor swimming.

But a new report has found the majority of Australians are still living in areas that lack indoor swimming pools.

The Australian Outdoor Recreation Association (AORA) has compiled a list of the top 10 most popular outdoor swimming destinations in Australia, with Melbourne and Adelaide the most popular.

Here are the top five most popular cities in the country for outdoor pool access, according to the report.

TOP 10: Melbourne and Sydney Melbourne: Top spot for swimming with nearly one in five Australians in the city’s inner city saying they have visited at least once, according the AORA.

In fact, the state’s inner-city population of more than 14 million is almost one third larger than Sydney’s.

Melbourne’s indoor pool is a popular destination for outdoor users, with about half of all pool visits coming from the city.

Top 10 most visited outdoor swimming spots: Sydney CBD: Sydney’s CBD has the second most popular pool, followed by the North Shore and Central Coast, while the Inner West is a close third.

Top ten most visited indoor swimming spots in Melbourne: North Shore: The North Shore is Australia’s second most visited swimming destination, with over 1.4 million visits in the past five years, according a report from the AORSA.

Melbourne is the fourth most popular city in the nation for outdoor water sports.

Top five most visited cities for indoor swimming: North Coast: The north-east of Melbourne is home to Melbourne’s most popular indoor swimming pool, with nearly half of the city council’s population choosing to take a dip.

Top 5 most visited urban swimming areas in Melbourne and South Australia: South Australia’s Riverland is the top swimming destination in the state, with almost a third of its residents choosing to get up in the water.

TOP 5 most popular urban swimming spots around the world: London, the Netherlands, Dubai, France and New York City are all popular among outdoor pool visitors.

Top Five most popular public swimming pools in the world The US is second, with New York’s Central Park at the top.

The top five swimming destinations around the globe are the US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Source: Australian Outdoor Recreational Association top


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