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New research finds women prefer more feminine-looking swimwear, swimwear brand Aerie says

September 26, 2021 Comments Off on New research finds women prefer more feminine-looking swimwear, swimwear brand Aerie says By admin

NEW YORK — It’s no secret that women are looking for a little more feminine in their swimwear.

And the more feminine you look, the more you’ll feel confident and more ready for your next swim.

That’s why swimwear companies are making strides to appeal to the increasingly feminine consumer.

But when it comes to the company that makes swimwear that suits your body type, Aerie is on a mission to make women feel confident, comfortable and beautiful.

“I’m not just trying to look good, I’m trying to feel good,” said Amanda Hays, the brand’s chief marketing officer.

“A lot of times, women don’t know how to feel confident in themselves.

And I think there’s a lot of that going on with swimwear right now.”

So, Aries has created a range of swimwear designed specifically for women with a “feminine look,” including a range that includes a skirt, a bra and a pair of stockings.

The brand is using these styles to create a range called the Aerie Swim Suit, which it’s calling “the most feminine swimsuit in the world.”

The brand has launched a partnership with beauty brand Buxom, which also makes swimsuits for women of all body types.

The new range includes two styles that feature Aries’ signature “femme silhouette,” which is a line of swimsuits that features a wide, feminine skirt that’s cut to the mid-section.

Aries says that while women can feel comfortable in a skirt or stockings, they may not be comfortable in swimwear because they may have “tight thighs or hips” and feel “less defined.”

The Aerie swimsuit, for example, has a “short thigh” for women who tend to have more “longer legs.”

The Aerie brand is also taking cues from other popular brands, like Victoria’s Secret, that offer the best options for women.

Victoria’s Secrets recently released its first range for women, which includes a swimsuit that features an adjustable skirt that goes below the knee and can be worn with a variety of body types, from small to large.

The brand also said that its Aerie range is available in more than 20 different sizes, including in “the hottest styles on the market,” like “big, curvy, and voluptuous,” which have a length of up to 36 inches.

Hays says that Aries, which makes a range from swimsuits to accessories, has been experimenting with new ways to appeal women to swimwear brands.

“We’ve done a lot with the ladies’ bodies and how they can wear a swim suit,” she said.

“There’s a ton of different types of women’s swimwear to choose from, and there are a lot more brands doing it right now than we’ve seen in the past.”

The brand’s most recent product was released in September.

In addition to its Aries range, Aies also created an accessory range for men, including a pair for men that features straps that allow the wearer to slip under the water to add a touch of modesty.

Aerie’s new Aerie Apparel is available for purchase online.

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