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Aava swims with baby at her home

September 19, 2021 Comments Off on Aava swims with baby at her home By admin

Aava, the toddler who has been swimming with her mom and her family in the ocean, has been rescued by the authorities after she got into a bit of a pool.

The toddler, who is in a protective gear while her mother is away, was taken to a hospital where she is being treated for a cut on her head.

Aava is currently in a stable condition in a hospital.


Aava swims, swims lessons, swim pool store store

August 30, 2021 Comments Off on Aava swims, swims lessons, swim pool store store By admin

NEW YORK (AP) — Aava, the world’s largest indoor swimwear company, has sold a handful of swimming lessons and swim training courses at its Swim Center in the Bronx.

The company said Friday that the Swim Center is its largest indoor training facility and its fifth-largest indoor business.

The store, at 486 Park Avenue, has been open since January.

The Swim Center opened in 2001 as a public swimming pool for children in need and serves up classes to adults.

The brand had been working with the city to expand the store’s swimming lessons, which have been offered since 2008.

The city gave Aava permission to install new, more-modern equipment and expand its indoor swimming training program.

The department also approved $4.5 million in loans to help Aava with the project.

Aava said the company has had a positive experience with the new indoor swimming programs.

Ava also plans to build a new indoor training center for adult customers and an indoor training area for children, but did not say how much the new space would cost.


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