Can chickens swim? Can chickens play football?

Can chickens swim? Can chickens play football?

October 11, 2021 Comments Off on Can chickens swim? Can chickens play football? By admin

Can chickens?

Can chicken play football?, a short film about the sport of chicken-playing has gone viral on YouTube and has been viewed more than one million times.

The film, which features a number of young people from different countries, was made by two local teenagers in the Philippines who hope to spread the message that chickens can swim.

A video of the film has also been uploaded to the Facebook page of the Aquatic Club of the Philippines, a local sports association, which has been running its own swimming club in the city of Marikina since 2013.

‘Can chickens play?’ is a documentary about chickens playing football in the Phillipines.

“There’s always been a lot of chicken playing in the world.

But it’s only recently that we started to see more of it,” said the club’s director, T. T. Haggart, as he described how the club decided to set up the club in 2014.

It was also through the club that the club learnt about chickens being able to swim.

“Our coach at the time, he’d been to some swimming pools and found that chickens could swim, too,” said Haggarts mother, Gilda Lino.

They decided to build a swimming pool for the chickens, but Haggs father, Tino, had no money for such a project.

He told the Aquacombers that the chickens were not allowed to swim in the pool, but his daughter told them that if they didn’t have money, they could hire a private pool, or just get chickens to do it for free.

In 2016, the Aquaclubs club decided that the chicken swimming pool would have to be a little bigger than the average pool and they decided to expand it to have five chickens in it, one of which was a young girl.

“When we started the club, it was just two kids, but it got bigger over time,” Haggott said.

After the club expanded to include five chickens, it started to attract more and more people, with the club hosting a competition to see who could best swim a chicken.

According to the club website, they also began to teach people how to swim chickens, which resulted in more and better chickens playing.

Since then, the club has been able to raise over 5,000 chickens, according to the Aquacs Facebook page.

But this year, the group also started another club to teach chickens how to play football.

Club members, including Haggotts mother, Lino, said that they are planning to keep the swimming pool open so that the girls can get better at the sport.

“We’re trying to do more of our girls get better and do more things like that,” Lino said.

“The girls are also getting good at it, so we want to keep doing it,” she added.

Watch the Aquatics video below:


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