Australia’s police forces are to be replaced by an Australian-built drone for use in riot-fighting

Australia’s police forces are to be replaced by an Australian-built drone for use in riot-fighting

September 28, 2021 Comments Off on Australia’s police forces are to be replaced by an Australian-built drone for use in riot-fighting By admin

The ACT Police will be replaced with a new Australian-made drone, after Queensland Police Chief Inspector John Rafferty said he wanted to make sure there was “no unintended damage”.

Key points:Rafferty’s announcement comes as the Federal Government moves to boost funding for the police forceThe Australian Federal Police (AFP) has been the biggest single contributor to the Queensland Police’s budget since 2013.

But in an effort to reduce the number of police on the streets, the state’s Deputy Premier, Paul Murphy, has said he will work with the Queensland Government to replace the ACT Police with a drone.

In a statement to the ABC, Mr Murphy said he would “work with the state government to ensure that the ACT Government and ACT Police can continue to work closely to improve the safety and security of our communities”.

“I am hopeful the ACT will be able to find a solution to our problems, and I believe we will be well advised on this,” he said.

“I would like to thank Queensland Police for their service to the State of Queensland and the people of Queensland for their patience and support.”

They have been the first responders and their services have been invaluable.

“Mr Murphy said the ACT would receive $15 million more in funding in the first financial year of the next Government, with $25 million to come through 2020-21.”

This will provide more funding to help with the recruitment and training of new officers and support our current officers to be better prepared to face any future challenges they may face,” he added.

The Government has already announced funding of $5.5 million for the ACT police, with the rest to come in future years.

In the last financial year, the ACT’s police received $7.9 million from the Federal government.

In response, Deputy Premier Murphy said it was “time to put our resources where our mouths are” and “take this opportunity to make Queensland’s policing an example to the world”.”

The ACT Police are the best of the best and deserve the best,” he told reporters.”

We will work hard to ensure we deliver on our commitments to the state of Queensland, and make sure Queensland is in a position to take advantage of these funds.

“The next 12 months will be critical for Queensland.”

The Queensland Government said it would use $10 million of the funding from the State Government’s Emergency Fund to buy the drone.

“While the purchase of a new unmanned aerial vehicle will cost more than the ACT currently has available, it is essential that we maintain Queensland’s standing in the world as a top police and security jurisdiction,” Deputy Premier Matt Canavan said.

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