Shower suits to be banned in schools after new policy

Shower suits to be banned in schools after new policy

August 2, 2021 Comments Off on Shower suits to be banned in schools after new policy By admin

The bathing suits that the public schools are to wear at school in Jerusalem, the birthplace of the modern Jewish state, are being proposed for a mandatory ban after the municipal council voted to prohibit them.

The recommendation came after a petition was filed by the Yesh Din group that sought to prohibit students from wearing the swimsuits during recess and in class.

The petition, which has attracted over 1,000 signatures, was rejected by the council.

The proposal also calls for the uniforms to be replaced by pants.

The clothing is already banned in the schools, and it will be a matter of policy to make the changes, said Yair Lapid, the head of the Yeskh Din.

The current ban on the swimwear came after the 2014 school shooting in which five young Jewish men were killed by a Palestinian gunman.

After the shooting, the council unanimously approved the ban on swimming suits.

It also passed a law that banned wearing the masks and other face covering to protect from the sun and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

The new legislation also includes a requirement that all students in schools be allowed to wear their swimsuits when they are not in class, in the hallways and on the playground.

Lapid said that if the proposal is approved, the clothing ban will be implemented immediately.

He added that the new policy would not be put into effect until the municipality has decided whether to continue the current policy, which currently requires all schools to wear the swimsuit.

The Yesh Minya group, which supports the new ban, also criticized the school administration for not informing the public about the proposed changes.

“I hope that we will be able to put a halt to this,” said MK Yariv Levin of the yesh Din.

“If the ban goes into effect, the school administrators will have to make sure that they don’t break the rules, and the public will have no excuse not to wear it.

I hope the council will reject this and will not impose this.”


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