Israeli authorities confiscate $200,000 for home swimming pool

Israeli authorities confiscate $200,000 for home swimming pool

July 21, 2021 Comments Off on Israeli authorities confiscate $200,000 for home swimming pool By admin

A home swimming pond in the village of Beit Hanegev was confiscated by Israeli authorities for a total of $200 in compensation to the owner.

The municipality in the Beit Ha’atzmaut village of Hebron on the occupied West Bank on Thursday said it was confiscating the pool after it was discovered to have a sewage system that contained fecal matter.

“After the pool was discovered, the municipal committee decided to issue an order to the municipal water department to remove the swimming pool,” a municipal spokesperson said in a statement.

“The municipal committee is the legal authority in Hebron, and all municipal water sources must be inspected by the municipal committees,” the spokesperson added.

The municipal council in the municipality of Be’er Sheva, near Ramallah, said the municipal council was “unable to determine whether the pool is legal or illegal under municipal law” as it did not have a proper permit.

The Beit Aharon swimming pool, located in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh, was set up by the local municipality in September.

The pool was meant to provide a place for Palestinians to exercise their swimming skills and to help relieve overcrowding in the West Bank, where there is limited water and access to it is difficult.

The swimming pool was built in 2001 to provide free water to the Palestinian community, who were required to provide proof of residency to receive a permit to enter the West Wall city.

It was built on a private land and was not registered with the municipality, but a court granted a permit for the swimming facility in August 2016.

Israel’s Channel 2 news network, citing residents of Beersheba, reported that the municipality’s spokesman said the municipality has received more than 1,000 complaints about the pool and that it was confiscated due to its presence in the area.

The pool is the only pool in the region that does not have proper permits, and the municipality is considering a court order that would require the owner to pay compensation, Channel 2 said.


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