University to hire more than 1,000 full-time employees to cope with the pandemic

University to hire more than 1,000 full-time employees to cope with the pandemic

July 7, 2021 Comments Off on University to hire more than 1,000 full-time employees to cope with the pandemic By admin

The University of Massachusetts Amherst has plans to hire as many as 1,500 full- and part-time college workers, as the state struggles to cope following the deadly pandemic.

The university’s president, Daniel P. Murphy, said Tuesday that the decision was based on the need to boost academic productivity, while also boosting faculty, staff and student life.

“I am pleased to announce that we are planning to hire at least 1,200 full- time employees in the coming weeks,” Murphy said in a news release.

The announcement came as the Massachusetts State Police began the search for new medical examiners to handle the surge of cases.

The department is looking for the experienced, responsible and well-versed individuals who are capable of handling multiple patient interviews and provide patient care in a coordinated manner,” the release said.

The position will be based in Cambridge, Mass., but will be offered at other locations as needed.

As part of the effort, the university will also hire two additional full-timers to assist with training and testing.

Those positions are expected to be filled by the end of the month, Murphy said.

The state has also announced plans to expand its mental health and substance abuse treatment services and to provide more mental health professionals to support the school’s efforts to prepare for the pandemics.

The university will hire four full-timer counselors to serve as the first counselors on campus to address the pandemaker.

Murphy said that while the new staff would help with the new challenges facing the university, they would not replace existing staff.


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