When will we see a burberry-style swim trunk?

When will we see a burberry-style swim trunk?

June 22, 2021 Comments Off on When will we see a burberry-style swim trunk? By admin

We’ve all been in the water, but how will we be able to take advantage of it?

For the past few years, swim trays have been the go-to item for water sports enthusiasts, but the technology is still in its infancy. 

A new company called Braid has developed a waterproof swim trimmer that can make use of the same technology.

It’s made up of two waterproof swimtrays that can be stacked together.

It also has a removable back and is a perfect choice for people who prefer a smaller size for a less-than-perfect fit.

“If you want a swim trinket that fits well and has a comfortable fit, we think this swim trasher is the right fit,” Braid’s CEO Chris Gaffney told Business Insider. 

The company was founded by three brothers who grew up swimming in the same backyard pool.

They decided to pursue swimming lessons and started working on a project together that eventually turned into the Braid brand.

The brothers decided to take their business public in 2014 and have raised a total of $11 million since then.

“We’re still not sure how this technology will change the world,” said Gaffneys brother, Jason. 

“Our goal is to get it to every home in America in the next three years.”

The company has a range of different designs and prices ranging from $30 for a single trimmer to $300 for three trimmers.

It has a large collection of different swim trimmers for different types of swimmers and different sizes. 

Braid also sells a waterproof swimming trimmer for the price of $150, which includes a watertight backpack and a full size water bladder. 

In order to take full advantage of the swim traser, the Bressons plan to bring the technology to the water sports market in the near future.

“What we’ve been doing is we’ve started building prototypes of the trimmers, but we haven’t been able to sell the trams to consumers,” Jason said. 

Jason said that Braid will have its swim trashers available in the US in 2017 and then expand to other countries. 

To get your own swim transter, visit the Bashara store.


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